Saturday, April 22, 2017

a lovely day

Waxed - check

Plugged all day - check

Performed like a sissy slut on cam and nearly came from just my dildo - check.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

isn't this lovely?

oh to be her!!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

is it wrong?

that I find these deeply erotic?

I reacquainted myself yesterday with my collection of dildo's and watching these clips today I could almost feel them inside of me again.

And is it weird I find them intensely romantic too?

The end of a prolonged session of foreplay all building up to this moment. The beginning of submitting to him and heightened sensuality. Hours later, the taste of his cum tingling on my tongue and the thick fumes of poppers infecting my brain I'll be as filthy a little slut for him as he desires. A begging compliant toy for his insatiable cock. But this first time he'll treat me like a precious object to be broken in gently. His princess, savoured slowly and taught how it feels to give herself willing, to lose ownership of her own body to a gentle but powerful man.

Too much to wish for? :-)

Friday, December 30, 2016

Scenario #1

A gentleman on TVChix wondered when I might post some more prose.

He'd like to explore possible scenarios.

I'd like to explore them with him very much too. So here's the first in hopefully a series. This ones very possibly less exciting for him unfortunately (sorry Tim) but it would still have my heart beating like a military drum! I should stress that unlike my 'meet' posts this has NOT happened.

Also sadly Amber only gets to be in this one in spirit :-(

My body was waxed. Silky smooth and moisturised. I was wearing black lace panties and they felt wonderful against my skin. My toe nails were painted fire red. I'd even slipped in a little plug to keep me feeling girly and submissive.

But I knew he wouldn't see any of that tonight.

I was about to finally meet the man with whom I'd exchanged messages for the last few months. He, sadly for us both, was going to have to suffer the disappointment of spending a stolen hour sat in a pub with my dreary alter ego though. I was happy and excited he was willing to do so, to see if on some level we had similar desires for future encounters, but I was also nervous he wouldn't be able to see past the drab shirt and jeans that made up my boring 'work' attire and glimpse even a small aspect of Amber.

I'd left work as early as I could so I could get there first. We'd arranged to meet in a quiet little bar he knew in the City. I imagined, with him being far more experienced in these matters than myself, he used it frequently for these kinds of liaisons. It was classy, low lit and with tables set into little cubbyholes for more privacy.

I ordered myself a dry white wine ( I know, a walking cliche!) and chose the table furthest from the bar in case, as I hoped it might, conversation turned to scenarios he'd like to explore with someone (hopefully myself). Although part of me would have savoured thinking the table next door was eavesdropping on what I wished would be a sordid chat it felt safer to try and maximise any sense of discretion. It was dark and candlelit and I imagined it might even feel a little romantic if I weren't dressed so uglily.

Normally when plugged I'm a blissful state of arousal but my parts remain relatively lady-like. On the whole I feel much more feminine that way too knowing that they are only really a minor distraction from what I'm slowly learning through self training is my true erogenous zone. Tonight though I could feel them straining against my lace panties, already a little wet with excitement. I was dreading the moment he walked into the bar as I worried I might not be able to control myself. I'd never felt so erotically charged in such drab attire.

I messaged him my location in the bar. The thought of him not recognising me (which was highly likely) and having to watch out for a stranger to wave over at him was horrible. He'd sent me a picture early on in our initial messages so I at least had the advantage of knowing which handsome man I was looking out for.

I focussed my attentions on my phone, continually checking it to see if he'd replied.

"Do you mind if I join you?"

I nearly jumped out of my skin. A tall handsome man, in an expensive suit (God I felt even more poorly dressed now) was stood at the table. It took a moment before I realised it was him and found my voice. "Please do."

He sat opposite me. A big glass of red wine in front of him on the table.

"Hello Amber," he said softly. I was so relieved. I'd wondered how we'd address each other all day. Although I had no problem with him knowing my other boring name, I felt that despite my outward appearance I desperately wanted him to think of me as Amber right from the start.

"Hi Tim," I managed to blurt out, "I normally have more hair." I smiled nervously. What a stupid thing to say.

He returned my smile, "I know, I've seen the pictures remember?"

I relaxed a little. Drank him in. He was so imposing, manly. And held himself with calm confidence. I felt my insides flutter a little as I fleetingly imagined what it would be like to feel myself in his arms.

"So how was your day dear?" he said. Followed by a cheeky grin.

I laughed, "Fairly nerve-wracking. Yours?"

"Busy but I have been looking forward to meeting for our little chat."

"And now you're here?"

"I'm not going anywhere just yet. You have me at a slight disadvantage but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It merely means I'll have to use my imagination even more. Do I meet your approval?"

I hoped he wouldn't see me blushing in the flickering candlelight. "Very much so Tim. I'm even more nervous now, I had no idea how I'd feel sat opposite you."

"And how do you feel?"

"Like the plainest girl in the world," I laughed, "confronted with Prince Charming. A little starstruck to be honest and very much wishing this was a date rather than two 'guys' meeting for a drink."

"Our first date." He laughed loudly enough for the barman to look over at us. "Well if you want to think of it as such I'm okay with that. Let's talk about what a second date might look like though. I'm sure you have plenty of interesting ideas about that don't you Amber?"

We were only there for a couple of drinks but it felt like hours as we got lost in sharing our deepest desires.

How I wished to be taken under the wing of a strong gentle man. Dress to please him, feel his tender touch and caress. His lips on mine. His strong hands guiding me in the ways of pleasuring him. His fingers inside of me as I learned how his cock liked to be treated. How to tease him to the edge and then bring him back to tease him all over again. What it would feel like for a real man to make love to me. How I would give my body to him to be eaten, stretched and trained to accommodate him fully. To take me and make me his woman, his property. To be tied and at his mercy. To be raised to such heights I'd be begging him to never stop. To be his plaything. To play roles for him, become his fantasy girl. To submit fully and be owned, even just for a few short hours.

And he shared his desires too and we discussed where they met and what we should explore. I watched his lips as spoke, wishing circumstances were different and I could feel them on my own and taste his tongue, sweet and warm from the red wine he'd been drinking.

A few times, as we chatted, I wished he would place his hand over mine but I knew that was as unlikely to happen as him sidling up next to me in the booth. Which was probably just as well. As we shared sordid fantasies, if his body had been so close to mine I would have been in torment, wanting to feel his hand on my leg, wanting to gently hold his thigh and feel his manhood twitch as I whispered my deepest desires to him. As much as I would have wanted that to happen I imagined, despite his obviously very active imagination he might still struggle to view me as the little sissy girl I felt myself to be in his presence. No matter my attire.

And then we parted. Went our separate ways in the night.

And I sat on the train on the way home, acutely aware of the plug inside of me and the dampness in my panties I was giddy and excited and hoping beyond hope he had enjoyed our chat just as much as myself and that he would contact me for a second date. And this time I would make sure he met Amber properly.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

not me but another Amber

Much prettier than me too :-) Very jealous of what she gets up to.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

in bed riding a dildo

is it terrible I want to be popper sniffing little slut sometimes? I need to taste cum and for this dildo to be replaced by the real thing!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

too much hassle!!!!

What is? Me apparently. Had my time wasted a little. Not in the traditional sense, someone not turning up or cancelling just before a meet, he's given me plenty of notice. But in a wasted time chatting, planning, booking time off (and a freelancer accepting I won't get paid for that time booked off) kind of sense. And the reason I'm too much hassle? Because I made a request which I still don't think was that weird. So please someone tell me if actually I'm at fault here because if so I will take that on board for the future. We were planning what time I would be able to get there next week. He's about ninety minutes drive away (in daytime rush hour traffic) and so I asked if it would be okay to shower when I arrived after being cooped in the car for an hour and a half. I even offered to bring a towel. "Forget it" he messaged. Instantly I knew what he meant but he was no Shakespeare (at the best of times his responses were little more than monosyllabic) so I thought I would pretend not to understand. "Forget the towel or the shower?" Unfortunately I've deleted the chat and blocked him on the messenger service so I can't reproduce his reply verbatim. However it was misspelled in a way that suggested it was written a little angrily. "The whole thing. It's too much hassle" Because I asked if it were okay to shower?!? Obviously there must have been other reasons for such a quick turnaround but the fact he was so quick to anger about something so small makes me feel I dodged a bullet. However thats not the point. I guess I need to know. Was it an unreasonable request? If it was then 'it's a fair cop' and I'll bear that in mind next time I'm on the verge of meeting someone. But Jesus I was going to suck his cock and let him fuck me, surely wanting to not smell of stale sweat is the least a girl can ask? Answers on a postcard :-) Now. To try and arrange something else so my day off isn't wasted!!!