Friday, June 29, 2018

i'm on xhamster

And have posted these videos for my Daddy.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Daddy’s girl

I love that initial period when you start chatting to a potential lover for the first time.

I think I have a Daddy!!!

My mind is so focused on what a sissy needs to be in order to please her Daddy I’m in a constant state of arousal.

Thank you Daddy for giving me such pleasure already.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

a statement of intent pt 3

A long long time ago I wrote two fantasies on here (linked to below). Recent events have encouraged me to continue the fantasy.




I hurried after him as quickly as I could in my heels. The cool air raising goosebumps all over my naked flesh.

I was conscious of the plug he'd inserted moving inside of me as I walked. Although it probably wasn't that big it felt large and I was intensely aware of how it constricted my pussy from fully closing. With that and the effort to keep up in my heels I was careful not to drop any of my clothes. I couldn't imagine how I would ever manage to bend down to pick them up if I did.

I tried to remember just how in only fifteen or twenty minutes I'd gone from nervous and fully clothed to terrified and naked, in heels, plugged and following a man I hardly knew around his house carrying a bag of make-up and a pile of lingerie and and a dress. It was all a blur.

He lead me into a large bedroom. Clean, tidy, big bed covered in crisp white bed linen. Another door, ajar, leading to an en-suite bathroom.

"Put your clothes on the bed Amber."

I placed them as neatly as I was able on the sheets. Next to a leather collar and leash already positioned there.

"Good girl. You are a girl aren't you Amber?"

"Yes Sir." My eyes still nervously drawn to the collar.

"I thought so but do girls have erections Amber?"

I wasn't sure how to answer so kept quiet, collar already the furthest thing from my mind. I think he could tell I was confused. "That's okay Amber. Some girls do have special clits. Like you. Not to worry it doesn't mean they're any less feminine. Just that they have to learn to think about their body differently. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir. I think so."

He reached out and gently held my hard cock in his hands.

"Do you Amber? What is this then?"

"My clit Sir."

"Good girl."

He took one of my hands and replaced it for the hand he had been holding my clit with. He sat down on the bed. Wathing me intently as I stood there, in heels, naked with my hard clit in my hand.

"Masturbate for me Amber."

I hesitated for a moment. He started to ask again but before he could I began to slowly tug at my clit.

"No, not like that."

I stopped mid stroke.

"Like the girl you are Amber. Just use your fingertips and rub your clit like a real girl."

I closed my eyes and imagined myself with a real clitoris and how I would massage and press on it. That the tip and head of my clit were the real thing. As I thought about myself as a girl I felt my fingers start to slip over the base of my glans, slick with precum.

"That's it Amber. Open your eyes though and look at me while your doing it."

I obeyed and stared into his eyes as I masturbated. His eyes flicking between mine and my fingers. Rocking slightly on my heels I sensed the plug inside of me more and more with each passing second. Soft moans working their way up from my chest and into my mouth.

"Good girl. Now tell me you're a sissy girl."

"I'm a sissy girl." Each word punctuated by a sharp intake of breath as I became ever more aroused.

"Sir!" Not angry but firm.

"I'm a sissy girl Sir."

"Good girl Amber. Keep saying it. Over and over. I don't want you to stop until you truly mean it."

"I'm a sissy girl Sir. I'm a sissy girl Sir. I'm a sissy ..." Over and over. Each time more breathless than the last as I moved closer and closer to climaxing. Staring into his eyes. Repeating the mantra he'd imposed on me. Edging ever nearer orgasm.

Until finally, rudely interrupting myself mid sentence with what could only be described as the girliest squeak I'd ever heard myself make, my whole body spasmed and I came; my hand just quick enough to cup over the end of my clit and contain the flow.

My breath short, quickly cooling cum threatening to dribble through my fingers and the plug almost like some kind of weird alien presence inside of me I suddenly found myself feeling very aware of my surroundings, full of shame and disgust and wanting to escape as quickly as humanly possible.

He stood up slowly, almost deliberately aiming to appear non-threatening. A kind, not at all judgemental smile on his face.

He lightly brushed a finger over my cheek causing me to flinch slightly. "Shhh. It's okay. Good girl." His voice soothing me as he softly whispered praise and told me how good a girl I was.

I was aware of how vulnerable I was, naked there with him so close, but it didn't feel dangerous. I could tell he was being respectful of me and taking things slowly, at my pace. Carefully assessing the situation at all times. I felt safe.

He nodded towards the bathroom. "Why don't you clean up Amber, get dressed and all made up for me? I'd love to see how pretty you look."

I nodded. Unable to speak for the time being. Not able to trust my own voice.

"Good girl. I'll give you some time to yourself and go and get us something to drink. Then when I get back maybe, if you'd like of course, we could see how well that collar fits?"

He patted me gently on my naked bottom. The plug vibrating slightly at his touch and reminding me of its presence. He seemed to remember it being there too. 

"You've got my permission to remove it whilst you get dressed Amber. It might be more comfortable for you. You have to promise though to put it back in when you're finished getting ready."

"Yes Sir. I promise."

"Good girl. There's some lube in the bathroom." With that he left.

I stepped out of the heels and rushed to the sink to wash my hands. I stood there staring at myself in the mirror. This was when I'd normally be leaving. Feeling guilty and empty after cumming. I removed the plug, feeling release as my pussy finally relaxed. I rinsed it clean and put it on the side of the sink to put it back when I was finished dressing. Realising as I did so I'd already decided I was staying. 

I thought about the collar lying on the bed next door and how it would feel when he placed it around my neck. I thought about our first kiss, the first time he took me in his arms, the first time was asked to give him pleasure. A shiver of excitement ran down my spine and I remembered I was still naked. Reinvigorated, I looked at the girl in the mirror staring back at me and tried to work out how I was going to make myself the prettiest I'd ever been for my Master. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017