Thursday, February 9, 2017

is it wrong?

that I find these deeply erotic?

I reacquainted myself yesterday with my collection of dildo's and watching these clips today I could almost feel them inside of me again.

And is it weird I find them intensely romantic too?

The end of a prolonged session of foreplay all building up to this moment. The beginning of submitting to him and heightened sensuality. Hours later, the taste of his cum tingling on my tongue and the thick fumes of poppers infecting my brain I'll be as filthy a little slut for him as he desires. A begging compliant toy for his insatiable cock. But this first time he'll treat me like a precious object to be broken in gently. His princess, savoured slowly and taught how it feels to give herself willing, to lose ownership of her own body to a gentle but powerful man.

Too much to wish for? :-)

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