Thursday, May 4, 2017

meet #7

Ok that was fun.

For about four or five years I've occasionally interacted with someone on Tvchix. We'd never met. Mostly if I'm honest because of my own misgivings than theirs. They always seemed a little too persistent and that worried me a little. It needn't have :-)

I had the day to myself today and had mentally already decided that if at all possible I was going to meet someone however with the proviso that I wouldn't just meet any old person. It needed to be someone I felt some attraction to. Mike from chix had always struck me as someone I could find attractive but I couldn't push past the aforementioned misgivings about his persistence. Today though I have to admit (and didn't say this to him earlier) I'd already decided to submit and went online in the hope a) he would be there and b) he would bite.

Thankfully he did.

Within only a few minutes of being in the chatrooms he messaged me. I almost changed my mind but when he asked if I was looking to meet today I answered that yes I was. I knew he lived relatively locally too so all being well it wouldn't be too long between arranging something and it actually happening.

I was in that awkward in between stage that always comes with waxing. Hair growing back but too short to wax yet. So I gave my legs a light shave in the bath, painted my toenails and douched before slipping in a little plug.

The flat has a shared entrance so I warned him he'd be greeted by me in drab and then need to sit with a cup of tea while I got ready (how English?).

He arrived on time. Taller than I'd imagined and better looking in the flesh than his picture (if you're reading Mike - there's nothing wrong with your picture - your features are just softer and friendlier in the flesh :-) ).

I made him a cup of tea and retired to change. Panties, fishnet tights, little black dress, boobs and pink heels. I had been thinking pink hair too but decided at the last minute to go for blonde.

Then make-up applied, I called him through.

I didn't really give him too long to look me over, always a worry of mine that I won't meet their approval, and stepped up to meet him as he followed me into the room.

He quite quickly took my hand. Ran his hands over my dress and body and before I knew it we were kissing. And he kissed well. His tongue deep in my mouth, his stubble pressing against my smooth face. I loved that he was taller than me too. I had to crane my neck to let him kiss me the way he did and I pressed my body into his.

As we kissed I fumbled with the buttons on his shirt to get my hands onto his manly hairy chest. I tweaked his nipples between my fingertips and ran my hands all over his back and upper body. All the while kissing passionately. He lifted my dress up over my ass so he could feel me through my fishnets.

I fumbled with his belt, finally getting it undone with his help. Without the need to be asked I dropped to my knees, kissing his nipples as I descended. I started slowly. Kissing him through his briefs first. Then pulling them down to release his cock. My intention had been to gently tease him and play with it for a while but I was so excited to be in front of a mans cock after such a long time I almost instantly took it into my mouth and commenced proceedings.

The last thing I wanted was for him to blow his load in the first couple of minutes so I only gave him a taster of things to come and stood back up for more kissing. This time his hands finding my girly cock peeking out from behind my panties.

I was tired of standing there in the middle of the room and led him a couple of steps to the bed. I lay down and almost instantly he was on top of me. Kissing me yet again. Pressing me down into the mattress.

I wrapped my still stockinged legs around him and raked my fingers over his back as we kissed and dry humped. His cock pressing into my butt cheeks and plugged hole. It was then I think I decided I was going to let him fuck me. That I wanted him to fuck me. It was just about how we got there now and hoping when it became clear to him that was what I wanted that he wanted it too.

I asked him to remove my fishnets and we kissed a short while longer before I slipped my panties off too and savoured the feeling of his cock pressing against my now bare skin and the plug I was increasingly aware of inside of me.

He paused from kissing me a couple of times to take my girly cock into his mouth. It was lovely but I was so turned on I had to keep stopping him as I wanted it all to take longer and I was terrified I'd come too soon.

He lay on his back and I straddled him. Dry riding him for a while whilst we kissed even more.

I pulled myself away from him and leant across to the dresser where the lube, condoms and my small dildo were. If it hadn't been obvious where I was hoping things would go, when I put them down on the bed it became plain to see. He didn't balk or run from the room which I saw as a positive :-)

I removed the plug from inside of me and lubed up the dildo. We kissed as I slid it deep inside of me. It was just a little smaller than him which meant I imagined he'd fit inside of me perfectly. I fucked myself with the dildo for a while to loosen myself up for him. Still kissing.

Then I opened the condom and rolled it over his cock with my mouth. Or at least tried :-) I imagined it would be sexy but not having done it before I had to tidy it up with my fingers in the end. I lubed him up and straddled him again.

We kissed and then I sat up and lowered myself onto him.

He slipped straight in. It was wonderful. I knew I was actually going to get fucked for the first time. He lay back as I rode him faster and faster. He slipped out a couple of times but entered me again easily enough. I would have liked to try a few different positions out but we were both pretty close to the edge already and I knew that was never going to happen.

It didn't take long before I felt myself climax with him inside of me. I came all over his chest. All from being fucked. It was gorgeous. I rode him a little faster afterwards for short while I was so happy to have been made to cum like a girl.

Before he came I got off, pulled the condom from his cock and sucked him till he exploded into my mouth. I swallowed every drop, almost gagging but knowing deep down that's what a girl should do.

We kissed again and then lay on the bed together for a short while.

I think he could have lain there longer which was actually quite nice but I was starting to worry about getting all cleaned up before having to go and pick my car up from the garage (how mundane) and hurried things along a little.

I asked him if he wanted a shower but he just cleaned up a little in the bathroom and left, my cum still in his chest hair I imagine.

I may have met my first 'repeat' meeter. Though opportunities seem rarer than they used to but if they arose and he was free again I'd definitely like a second go :-)

Maybe with some pictures next time?

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